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Adding a simple run to your daily routine can help you increase your energy, and chip away at fatigue. So shouldn't such an important activity be performed with focus? Decathlon's running accessories make your workout more convenient and easy, letting you concentrate more on your workout.

Questions to be asked

When looking at different accessories, a range of questions can be considered. When opting for a hydration backpack questions regarding the size, weight and the attaching mechanism of the product need to be asked. Choosing an accessory like caps will require you to determine the protection and ventilation offered by it.

Wide range available

Decathlon brings you their wide range of running accessories that simplify your workout. Find products such as hydration backpacks, hydration bottles, smartphone armbands, caps and more at Decathlon's online store.

Top Features

Ease of Use: The accessory should be easy to use and should enhance your workout. Hydration bottles keep you hydrated; caps and headbands keep sweat away from your eyes.

Durability: The accessory should be durable, especially if it is something that is attached to your attire or body. Smartphone bands should have strong elastic bands to keep your phone in place while you work out

Weight: The accessory should not be too heavy. Additional weight will weigh you down and adversely affect your workouts, always opt for accessories that are lightweight.

Size: The size of your running accessory should be limited so as not to affect your natural body movement. Be sure to choose accessories that will not hamper your workout.

Start today by making your workout simpler, faster and more effective by choosing running accessories to address your needs.


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