Running Electronics

Stay on top of your running performance with the range of running electronics we’ve at Decathlon. We help you stay fit and in good health by letting you keep a close track of important metrics like your heart rate, weight, speed, etc. 

Heart Rate Monitor:

Heart rate monitors provide information you need to train to your goals; a heart rate monitor shows if you're working out at the right pace. On the flip side, a heart rate monitor also can help determine if you need to train harder.

This is why we design waterproof watches for runners like you to measure your heart rate and manage your workouts. It's easy to regulate your efforts, keeping in mind your target zone.

GPS Watches:

Running watches are one of the best investments a runner can make. They allow runners to track their progress accurately, enhance the quality of their training, and ditch their phones needed to track the performance.

We design waterproof GPS watches to help you time your performances and program your advanced interval training sessions. Customize your training with its advanced interval training mode! Our watches are durable, easy to use with the icons available on the screen, and multiple colour options of the strap.

Run Lights: 

We design running headlamps for trail runners like you wanting to light their way and avoid obstacles. 

Our headlamp offers the perfect balance between light power and battery life; is chargeable with a micro USB. The weight is well distributed on a wide strap for optimal comfort when moving. 

Weighing Scale:

Even getting the smallest result can motivate you to work harder. Keep track of those extra kilos that you shed after your workout sessions with our weighing scale. It helps you monitor your weight accurately. It’s easy to use; turns on and off automatically.

Earphones and MP3:

Listening to music while running can pump you up to cover a few extra miles and lets you enjoy your run as well. 

This is why we design earphones that fit securely to the ear, providing you comfort. Their water-resistant property helps you run in the rain too, without any worry!


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