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Jackets, Pullovers, and Fleeces

Nature and weather constantly change across the length of a hike. It is always advised to have a fleece or pullover in your backpack. Quechua provides a range of fleeces and pullovers for Women, Men and Kids. Be it Nature Hiking, Mountain Hiking or Snow Hiking, layering the Fleeces with a jacket is important for insulation otherwise there are very high chances for you to fall sick. 

How to choose the best jacket/fleece for hiking:

  • Waterproof: Depending on the level of protection you need, you can choose between different levels of waterproofing. For each jacket, the level of waterproofing is graded on a scale of 1 to 5. These ratings are developed through technical lab tests; the higher the rating, the more waterproof the jacket.

  • The outside temperature: We offer 2 kinds of hiking jackets: Lightweight jackets and Warm jackets. LIGHTWEIGHT JACKETS are unlined or only have a lightweight lining so they are worn in warm weather, in mid-season or in winter with a warm layer such as a fleece or micro-padded jacket. In cold weather, you should choose a warm jacket with a warm lining; some of these jackets have a detachable lining and are called "3-in-1" jackets. This means that, depending on the temperature, you can remove the inner layer (either a fleece or padded jacket zipped to the inside of the jacket) and convert it to a lightweight jacket.

  • The intensity of Exercise:  The more intense the hike, the more you'll sweat, which means you'll need a ventilated jacket. When there's a ventilation zip, we talk about mechanical ventilation. These are generally located under the arms but some pockets also have mesh which helps perspiration wicking.

For improved ventilation, wear breathable clothing under your jacket and remember to leave the cuffs and bottom of jacket unfastened. If you plan to walk in the rain for a long time, wear a poncho over your jacket which will provide complete waterproofing and help protect your backpack!

  • Ventilation: Check for ventilation zips under the arms or on the chest to facilitate sweat evacuation. In addition to the breathability of the fabrics used, Quechua is developing technical solutions (zippers, aerations, mesh, etc) that improve the overall ventilation of all our jackets made for hiking. These ventilation systems allow for temperature regulation inside the jackets and to facilitate the evacuation of sweat formed by the body during physical efforts.

Some of the benefits of our fleeces are:

  • Warmth: Protects you from 10 to 13°C temperature.

  • Breathability: Polyester knit lets the water vapour generated by the body pass through.

  • Freedom of movement: Made of stretch fabric that is extremely comfortable to wear.

  • Lightweight: Just 336 g in size L.

  • Pockets: 2 zipped hand pockets to secure your personal items

  • Compact Design: Very compressible material.Ideal fleece for keeping at the bottom of a backpack

  • Eco-design: Fleece material made entirely of recycled polyester yarn.

Our padded jackets provide additional benefits like protection against the wind and more warmth compared to the fleeces.

Depending on the temperature and kind of protection you need, choose one among from jackets, fleeces, or pullovers to protect yourself from the weather conditions in the mountains. Head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy from our online website.

Decathlon Jackets are more Affordable & Durable.

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Best Selling Decathlon Jackets

Jacket Price


Men’s Fleece Mh20 - Black

Rs. 299


Men’s Fleece Mh100 - Petrol Blue

Rs. 499


Men's Fleece Mh120 - Mottled Grey

Rs. 799


Nh100 Men's Hiking Padded Jacket - Blue

Rs. 999


Women's Fleece Mh520 - Raspberry

Rs. 1,299


Men’s Pullover Nh100 (Hybrid) - Khakhi

Rs. 1,499


Women's Fleece Mh900 - Mottled Grey

Rs. 1,999


Men’s Snow Hiking Fleece Sh100 (Ultra Warm) - Black

Rs. 2,499


Men's Warm Hooded Climbing Jumper Zinc Grey

Rs. 2,999


Women’s Snow Hiking Fleece Sh500 (X-warm) - Grey/Green

Rs. 3,299


Men's Puffer Down Jacket For -10 Degrees Simond Light Alpi

Rs. 5,999


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