Football trainers

If you play on hard surfaces such as indoor synthetic grass, consolidated surfaces or shale, choose an HG (Hard ground) or football trainers with small rubber studs, offering great support without locking your feet (note that not all boots offer the same levels of cushioning!)

Let's Make Football Classy with Astro Turf Football Shoes

The Astro Turf ground is a revolutionary alternative to playing football on muddy grounds and sandy lots. With these synthetic grounds, playing football has never been easier! This type of turf is made of synthetic fibre and hence, it is important to purchase the right kind of shoes for it.

Questions which help you decide

Decide on the kind of fit you want. It is always better to buy shoes that are just half an inch larger than your feet, but some people prefer a tight fit as well. Secondly, decide on the type of shoe you want to buy. For a 3G and ‘long pile' turf, the Astro Turf football boots are the ideal choice due to their forefoot studs being hollow, and the other studs being conical, allowing for full flexibility on the ground.

A wide range to choose from

Decathlon brings to you a wide range of Astro Turf football boots by Kipsta that is available for both adults and kids and in different colours and sizes as well. Shop for sports shoes online at Decathlon to find the best choice for you.

Top features

Fit: A shoe's fitting is probably the most important aspect. Make sure the turf shoe fits correctly on your feet to prevent yourself from tripping, as loose shoes will not let you play to your fullest capacity. Astro turf shoes are suggested for those with wider feet.

Usage: Each shoe has its restrictions and limits. Most shoes can only be used on soft ground while others can be used on the firm ground as well. The heel counter and cushioning ensure that the heel is not stressed while playing the game.

Weight: Most shoes aren't particularly heavy, but make sure that the one you buy is something you would be able to handle. Ensure that the weight of the shoe you buy does not strain your ankles.

Astro Turf: These kinds of shoes are made especially for Astro Turf surfaces that are much more durable.

Check out the Decathlon website for attractive products and sportswear for a memorable game on faux-grass!

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