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When playing Football, it's essential to wear a decent pair of football shoes that are suitable for the surface you're playing on. KIPSTA offers a complete range of football boots, football trainers and futsal shoes to meet the specific needs of each surface type.

If you are going to start playing for a football club, I advise you to get yourself a pair of football shoes adapted to your level. There is no shame in heading to a pair designed to begin, it is only going to help you in the longer run. A beginner football shoe allows you to make small mistakes; the cushioning is better, the stud pattern forgives you far more than an expert football shoe. This will allow you to feel more comfortable during your learning and therefore to progress faster. Too many are still footballers who stop at the aesthetics, or who are just looking for shoes their idols wear and who in the end, are not comfortable and/or hurt themselves because the model they use is not suitable for them. It should also be noted that the aesthetic aspect of the football shoes should become less and less important for a beginner, as many beginner models out there are just attractive and not technical.

A football shoe adapted to the practice area. In the first place, it is essential to play with a pair of football shoes adapted to the terrain on which you evolve. It should be known that there are different types of soles, HG, more commonly known as football trainers, for short synthetic terrains and FG, which you may know as studs, for natural dry grass or synthetic long

The ideal for a footballer is to own a pair of each. The advantage for the player will be to have a good grip regardless of the type of terrain and so to focus on its performance. In addition to this aspect that will interest all competitors, the risk of injury will also be reduced. I do not count the number of footsteps that I saw getting injured adductor or ankle for example, because of a shoe that did not offer all the guarantees of comfort and safety on the ground on which we played. In conclusion, having several pairs of football boots with HG, FG or futsal soles will prove to be a real advantage.


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