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Doesn’t matter if you are going outdoors, or sitting at home, winter is the time when your hands feel cold all the time. Instead of tucking your hands in the pocket or always rubbing it to feel warm, buy winter gloves that will keep you warm. Gloves can also be used during your weight training sessions. At Decathlon, we design a wide range of stylish, durable, and warm winter gloves so you can enjoy the winter at its best. Whether you need a pair of warm gloves just for the winter season, or you need hiking gloves for your winter hikes, we’ve got you covered. Explore a wide range of gloves at Decathlon.

Buy Kid’s Gloves Online: We know your little ones love to play outdoors and nothing can stop them from going outside, not even the cold weather. We care for your kid as much as you do, this is why we designed kid’s gloves to protect children's hands from the cold when hiking or playing outdoors in winter.

Gloves with a close-knit weave are designed to provide both warmth and dexterity. Now buy the best winter gloves for your kids online.

Buy Weight Training Gloves Online - We designed weight training gloves for a better grip on heavyweights and greater comfort during your weight training sessions. These gloves come with a ventilated knit on the back of the hand for added breathability. Buy the best in class weight training gloves from Decathlon that come with reinforced seams and a 2-year warranty.

Buy Mountain Trekking Gloves Online: We design mountain trekking gloves, for trekkers like you who are in love with the mountains, to provide extra warmth and protect your hands from the cold. These gloves are even ideal for spring and autumn! Their warmth and breathability make them the best mountain trekking gloves available online. These gloves can be used for temperatures between 10°C to 5°C. These gloves have touchscreen-compatible thumb and forefinger. Now buy the best trekking gloves online. 

Buy Mountain Bike Gloves Online: We design comfortable bike gloves for your bike tour in cold weather so your hand doesn’t freeze while you’re on the road. Wrap your hands in a snug layer to beat the cold! The must-have MTB ST100 gloves cover the entire hand with additional reinforcements. You won't even realise you're wearing them, thanks to their mesh, and stretchable material.

What are you waiting for? Buy a pair of winter gloves for you and your family online and stay warm this winter with Decathlon’s gloves and our winter collection.


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