Roller/Inline Skates

Roller skating is travelling on a surface with roller skates. It is not just a form of recreational activity, but also a sport that can help you exercise in a fun way. And if your kid enjoys video games more than physical activities in the sports ground, then roller skating is a great way to get your kid rolling and moving. This not only will improve their physical health but will also teach them to balance, release stress, and stay more focused. 

Roller skates are also used for transportation. Don’t have time for your workouts or those gym sessions? - travel to your work on roller skates. At Decathlon, we have a wide range of roller skates for kids as well as adults. So buy one for you and your kid.

Children’s inline skates:

Parents often complain that their kids spend more time in from of mobile devices and TV rather than the playground. It is a known fact that getting kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle is tricky. But when you make exercise fun, it's much easier - enter our range of inline skates for kids. A weekend spent skating will get over in no time, and our skates are packed with safety features to give you peace of mind, and cool details like flashy brakes and colourful panels to keep your kids happy.

Our skates offer glide quality, fit, good grip, and you can adjust the skates up to 3 sizes to grow them with your child's feet.

Adult’s inline skates:

When you watch kids rolling on their skates, do you wish that you were a kid as well? But why? Roller skating is not just for kids, so don’t feel shy to buy a pair of skates for you. At Decathlon, we have a wide range of skates for adults. With our inline skates, you’ll be skating in your streets in no time. Our inline skates are designed with durable laces, soft linings, and multiple fastenings to keep your foot secure. They also come in a range of styles including sleek black - ideal for urban skating or your morning commute - and bold patterns too.

Our skates come with semi-soft liners with 3D mesh and comfort foam to keep your feet happy and comfortable. Good fit, glide quality, ease of handling, or impact protection, we have it all!


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