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Golf, as they say, is a rich man’s sport, played with a ball and clubs. The players use several clubs to strike the ball into a series of holes through the course, with an aim to achieve the target in the least number of strikes. This is a leisurely sport best enjoyed on a bright sunny day in a pleasant climate with friends on a golf course. Golf bags, golf trolleys, golf cart bags or golf trolley bags are an essential part of the play, as these bags do the duty of carrying several clubs across the course and pave the way for a calm and comfortable play.

We at Decathlon, provide supreme quality durable and long-lasting golf bags. Check out our online store to buy such exclusive golf bags, golf kits and prep up for your next big game.

What to look for when buying a golf bag?

Type of Bag: Golf trolley bags and Golf cart bags are the two different types of bags we offer. Trolley bags are meant for golfers who intend on carrying their clubs wherever they go, built with an assurance to safeguard the clubs from man-handling and during flights. While cart bags are designed with bases made to attach to carts. Usually heavier than trolley bags but feature several pockets and a generous amount of storage space. Besides some decathlon golf bags are water-proof to ensure there is no hindrance in your play.

Number of pockets and features:  Golf kit bags house a number of pockets each with its own particular use. The insulated cold pockets to keep cold beverages, lined pockets to safely keep valuables like mobile phones or jewellery and full-length pockets to hold extra apparel. It is recommended to buy golf bags suited to the golfers’ needs.

Strap System: Majority of the time, golfers handle their golf kit bags via their straps and handles, which tend to wear out after a certain amount of time. However, decathlon golf bags come with strong, reliable and self-adjusting straps. Thus, it is very essential to look out for the number and quality of straps before buying a golf bag. Cart bags usually come with a single strap while trolley bags tend to have two straps.

Number of dividers: This is the most crucial part in the selection of a golf kit bag, as the dividers are the ones that withhold the clubs required for a play. Also ascertain the number of full-length and non-full-length dividers, before making a purchase, to prevent your clubs from tangling out of your golf bag. For convenience, it is recommended to look out for golf bags that provide the maximum number of dividers so that all the clubs are spaced out in their arrangement.

So, if you are looking to venture in this luxury sport, we at Decathlon have exactly what you need. Visit decathlon online store, your one-stop destination to all your golfing needs.


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