Winter Gloves

Winter Gloves 

Winter is here and with the right apparel, you also need the right accessories to keep yourself warm, like winter gloves. Just imagine, you’re covered head to toe with warm clothing, feeling all warm and cosy but you don’t have a winter glove and there’s a sudden gush of cold air that hits you. We know, nobody likes that. Even though you will try warming up your hands by tucking into your jacket pockets or by rubbing, but ask yourself, how long will it keep you warm? We know nobody wants to shiver in the cold just because of the absence of one pair of winter gloves. This is why we, at Decathlon, design a wide range of gloves for the winter season and, of course, for you! 

Whether you need a pair of warm gloves just for the winter season, or you need hiking gloves for your winter hikes, we’ve got you covered. Explore a wide range of gloves at Decathlon.

Things to look for while buying gloves:

Warmth: Each model of gloves meets a specific need for added warmth according to different types of winter sports use, temperature regulation or the day’s weather! You can find these indications directly on the mark-ups in-store or on the product description on our website.

Size: Size is an important criterion when selecting ski gloves. The pair you choose should not compress your child's fingers, cutting off the circulation and thus accelerating the feeling of cold. The optimal size allows a thin layer of air to slip between the hand and the glove liner for optimal breathability that wicks away perspiration and maintains warmth.

Please note that some glove models adjust to the wrist size with a Velcro fastener, so they are not too tight yet do not let the cold in.

This winter, protect yourself from the cold chilly weather, running nose, cold, and fever by covering yourself in warm clothes by buying the best woollen hand gloves online from Decathlon!


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