Oxelo is one of the leading brands in urban sports and practices. We, at Oxelo, create a range of sports equipment: skateboards, inline skates, scooters, and freestyle scooters from the past few decades. 

At Oxelo, we are inspired to develop the best product, and our source of inspiration is you. We want to help you discover urban roller sports by getting around more quickly and with a sense of pleasure. 

Product Listing:

Oxelo Skateboards: Glide into new challenges

If you’re thinking about buying a skateboard, do it! You won’t regret it. Just cruising around undisturbed, feeling the wheels rolling below your feet will give you a sense of freedom and tranquility like you’ve never experienced before. But choosing the right board is as important as learning this sport. 

That’s why we design skateboards that provide stability, durability, and guarantee excellent glide performance.  

Have fun getting into board sports with the right skateboard from Oxelo!


Oxelo Roller Skates: Explore the Unexplored

Whether you're getting from one point to the other or you’re going for a fun ride, roller skating is a great way to explore the unexplored. Enjoy the thrill of skating in complete safety with Oxelo! 

We design lightweight skates that are easy to wear and handle, provides good glide quality and can be worn on all kinds of sports shoes.

Oxelo Skating Accessories: A package of comfort

Safety is as important as choosing the right board while you're skating. We, at Oxelo, have created accessories like helmets and pads to protect you from all sort of injuries. And with an Oxelo bag, you can easily store and carry your inline skates and protective accessories wherever you go.

Why Oxelo?

We, at Oxelo, believe in helping you discover urban roller sports and "soft mobility" (eco-sustainable non-motorised transport).

We conceive and create innovative products for everyone from beginners to all-out enthusiasts. Our teams, made up of sports enthusiasts themselves, are highly attentive to our users' needs and feedback, and thus continually reimagine, create and improve our product lines.

Creating satisfied riders is what we do!

And we are obsessed about designing top quality products, at the best price affordable to all.


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