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Steppers, Mini Steppers

How to choose a Stepper

Steps And Steppers

An exercise stepper is a machine that simulates the action of ascending stairs while working the legs up and down in one place. It is a great form of cardio that majorly concentrates on the lower body.

Questions That Will Help You Choose

Steps help to refine figure, burn calories and tone the body. If you are looking to tone or refine your lower body, choose a low step. On the other hand, if you wish to gain muscles, use a high step. The muscles that are exercised while using a step/stepper are your calves and thighs. Mini stepper exercise machine is a compact unit which can fit right into living or work space and can be used alongside our daily routine.

A Wide Range to Choose From

Decathlon offers a wide range of Domyos steppers, with hydraulic pistons for fluidity and comfort. We can buy aerobic steppers online at best prices, with home delivery only at Decathlon, online. It also boasts of high-quality aerobic and mini steppers.

Top Features

Versatility: Steppers are versatile equipment that can be used for both cardio training and muscle strengthening.

Parameter Measurements: The Domyos cardio exercise steps come with a four function console that displays the number of repetitions, pace and the duration of workout along with the number of calories burnt.

Easy To Move: Steps should be small enough to facilitate easy movement of the equipment. They should be small, compact pieces of equipment, which should be easy to move.

Stability: A good step should be stable, and made of materials that keep the stepper slip free.

Shop for steppers online with Decathlon, and start off on your journey to health and fitness.


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