Wildlife Watching

Solognac is one of the leading brands that are passionate about country sports, hunting and exploring the great outdoors. We, at Solognac, have been creating a range of sports equipment and apparels for people like you who love Nature and Wildlife from the past few decades. 

At Solognac, we are inspired to develop the best product, and our source of inspiration is you. We want you to learn all about Nature and Wildlife management, and that can’t be achieved by reading a book alone. You need day-to-day experience on the ground, often off the beaten track. This is why we invite you to come and experience it all with us.

Product Listing:

Solognac Hunting Boots & Shoes:

Depending on the type of activity you undertake, it is critical for you to get active footwear that supports your feet. Investing in good footwear will ensure that you have adequate support, comfort and protect your feet from niggles and aches. We, at Solognac, have designed Solognac Hunting Boots & Shoes that are waterproof and lightweight. They offer wild vegetation resistance, traction, and abrasion resistance.

Solognac Camo Clothing

Whether your ultimate aim is to hunt, observe or photograph the wild game, you need to feel comfortable as it will be a long day walking through the woods, and you will probably climb up and down the rough terrains. And this is why you need to be in clothes that are comfortable. We at Solognac design comfortable and lightweight Trouser pants, T-shirts, and Bermuda shorts for you. Our Camouflage T-shirts and Pants are made of breathable fabric and its elastane provides freedom of movement and the polyamide allows for faster drying.

Solognac Hunting Accessories

Challenges while hunting is many: spending the night in the woods, encountering a wild animal, or the heat. But worry about none. We, at Solognac, have designed accessories--hats, knives, torches-- to take care of it all. Now go into the woods without any worry.


We, at Solognac, believe in designing products with strong ambition in mind: ‘to connect Mankind with Wild Nature’. 

We design and manufacture smart, simple, playful, innovative, and technical products for everyone from hunters to wildlife photographers. 

And we are obsessed about designing top quality products, at the best price affordable to all.


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