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Care for Your Feet by Choosing the Right Footwear

Depending on the type of activity you undertake it is critical for you to get active footwear that supports your feet. Investing in good footwear will ensure that you have adequate support, comfort and that your feet are free from niggles and aches.

Questions which help you decide

Before you pick a pair of shoes for an activity, determine if it is for casual use or more strenuous activities. When you buy footwear online in India, do spend the time to determine the shape of your feet, the cushioning required and the intensity of activity undertaken for you to make the apt choice.

A wide range to choose from

At Decathlon, you can buy online a wide range of footwear, right from men's sandals, boots, to trekking shoes. Whatever be your activity, we have a massive selection of men's shoes in an enviable range of designs that will fulfil all your needs.

Top Features

Know your Foot: Feet come in a variety of shapes and knowing your particular type is the key to buying a great pair of shoes. The type of arch; flat neutral or high will also have a bearing on the type of your shoes you must get for yourself.

Fit: The shoe you choose should neither be too tight or too loose. Always measure your shoes with your socks on for the right fit. When buying boots online, India or elsewhere, ensure that you decide on footwear that is half a size bigger than your feet size.

Do not multi-task: Shoes are available for different types of activities and the most common mistake one makes is picking or wearing shoes that are intended for another activity. Make sure that when you buy shoes, they are for the correct activity to prevent any ache or injury.

Right Size: Measure both your feet every time you buy new shoes. The size of the foot can change with age. If one foot is bigger than the other, you must buy a size that is correct for the bigger foot.
Decathlon has a superior range of shoes which will be the object of your friends' envy.


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