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How to Choose the Right Shoes

Shoes are perhaps the most important gear that you will need to enjoy any outdoor activity. Hence, it is critical for you to pick a shoe that is well matched to the terrain otherwise achy feet or blisters can ruin your outing.

Questions which help you decide

Choose the right pair of shoes. India is a nature enthusiast's paradise and every hiker must ponder over where you would like to hike and the nature of the trail surface. You must also consider the weight of you backpack and the probable weather conditions. You need to get footwear which fits well and gives you adequate ankle support to make sure you have a comfortable outing.

A wide range to choose from

Decathlon offers specialised footwear and you have the option of choosing from a wide selection of designs and colours. You can buy footwear online (India) that will make your experience pain and injury free.

Top Features

Objectives: Choose shoes that are suitable for the type of trip you have planned. Depending on the location and the difficulty of the terrain, pick a shoe that fits the needs and something durable.

Lacing Systems: These are responsible for keeping the shoes snug on your feet. If not secured and fastened properly, you could twist your ankle or injure yourself. Proper lacing will ensure that your foot does not shift in motion.

Water Resistance: Water resistant or waterproof shoes keep your feet dry from the weather, rains or stream crossings. This surely makes things comfortable rather than being drenched with wet socks and shoes.

Fit: Footwear should typically be sized upwards of a half or one size larger than casual size to make sure you have adequate space for feet movement. The Footwear should provide firm support to the arch to make sure you have a good grip on the trail.

Weight: You must consider the weight of Footwear. Lighter gear allows you to move faster and allows you to be free on your hiking trail. However, the heavier ones help when on a testing trail.

For intense activity which is very strenuous, you can buy boots online India at Decathlon at competitive prices.


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