A Striking Game of Baseball

The favourite American pastime has now come to India. Though not yet completely famous, baseball does have a small fanbase in the country. It is important to have the right baseball accessories for training and practice.

Questions which help you decide

Decide on the material of the bat before buying one. The material, be it maple or white ash, helps you with the grip. The maple wood is the ideal weight for those who are eager to start playing the sport. The baseball is made of cowhide or horsehide for easy gripping.

A wide range to choose from

Decathlon brings to you the best of branded baseball accessories that include an aluminium bat for adults, soft baseball bats, and balls for kids to help them practice.

Top features

Bat Material: Aluminium handles are more suitable for adults as they give them better strength and grip. For kids, it is better for them to use EVA foam and polyethylene bat as it helps them hit more accurately.

Ball material: For beginners and kids, it is better to buy the PU foam balls to prevent injuries during the learning stages. The original baseball ball, however, is made of a cork centre and the covering is made of animal hide sewed with a string of yarn.

Baseball Accessories: One will need to invest in the right gear that includes helmets, gloves, and protective guards to make sure that the learning experience is safe.

Shoes: Footwear is of equal importance, so make sure you choose the right one. You could choose shoes that have spikes or just plain shoes as per your comfort. Be sure that you are completely comfortable in them before buying.

Buy baseballs online to open up to a new world of sports in your backyard!


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