Swimming Bathrobes

Swimming Bathrobes 

After a good long swim or a fun water sport, slip on one of our comfy bathrobes. On our website, one can find Bathrobes for men, Bathrobes for Women and Bathrobes for Children as well. The microfiber bathrobes dry your body up quickly and can be easily folded to fit in one’s Swimming Bags.

The bathrobes found in Decathlon online stores are lightweight, compact, offer quick absorption, are easy to maintain and also helps in maintaining the body warmth. And the best part is that our bathrobes come with a hoodie to dry your hair and scalp too. At Decathlon, one can buy Bathrobes for all sizes, ages, and genders. 

How to choose the perfect bathrobe for you and your child?

  • Pick a Fabric: Make sure that the swimming robe is made out of the right type of cotton and microfibers which has a good absorbent quality and is soft to prevent you and your little ones from rashes.

  • Look for the right length: Remember that the swimming bathrobe is meant to keep your body dry and warm after a swim, so pick a length that will cover most the body. For example, knee-length swimming robe with a hoodie. This will cover your maximum body, keeping you dry and warm. 

Why should you buy a Swimming Bathrobe from Decathlon?

At Decathlon, one can find a variety of colours and sizes to choose from to find the perfect fit and type. You can even read reviews from people from around the world and then choose whether you want to invest in a bathrobe from Decathlon.

After keeping all the above points in mind, you are ready to buy a swimming bathrobe online for you and your family!


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