Jogging Clothing


Let your Outfit Boost Your Workout

Whether it's layering up different colours, wearing your favourite, fitted shirt or warming yourself with cosy sweatshirts, you look forward to picking your outfit for the day as much as the run itself. Look stylish and upgrade your performance with Decathlon's range of running wear designed specially to suit every runner's needs.

Questions which help you decide

Running clothes are selected based on a range of factors like climate, intensity of exercise and personal preference. Common questions to be considered are - does the exercise require free movement? What are the location and weather conditions like? Ultimately you should choose a gear that you will be most comfortable in.

A wide range to choose from

Choose from a range of styles and patterns for men and women. Find your preferred style in your desired colours and designs. Our online store lets you browse through our wide range of running accessories and products, enabling you to find the perfect running attire for your daily workout.

Top Features

Material: The material of your running clothes needs to protect you adequately against the sun and wind, should be durable enough to have a long life yet easy to maintain. Polyester and cotton are the most popular fabrics used in running apparel.

Size: Sporting attire of the correct size must be worn at all times. Wearing improper size can not only deter your progress but also cause injury sometimes.

Ventilation: For an exercise as intense as running, it is important to provide adequate ventilation for your body to cool down. Kalenji's running clothes are made from the Equarea technology, which absorbs sweat and dries up quickly, keeping the wearer cool and dry.

Comfort: Comfort is of the foremost importance when choosing running attire. Clothes can sometimes cause chaffing, which can make running difficult.

Find the perfect clothes for your next workout that will enable you to push yourself even harder. Take those 5 minutes out today!


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