Yoga Equipments

Yoga Equipment

Fitness is the latest mantra for a perfect lifestyle. Starting your day right,  not only makes you feel good but also gets you prepared for the entire day. And what could be better than starting your day with a Yoga session? The purpose of yoga is to build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. Kick start your yogic life at your own home with the range of equipments we designed exclusively for you. Buy Yoga Equipment online now at Decathlon!

Yoga Mats:

Yoga mats are the first thing that will come to your mind if you’re thinking of starting your first yoga session. This is why we design mats that will let you do all the asanas easily and comfortably. Our Yoga mats are a must-have yoga accessory, designed specially, to meet the needs of every yoga session. At Decathlon, yoga mats are available in various vibrant and cool colours. They are also available in multiple sizes, making it a custom-made mat for almost everybody. Choose the Yoga mat that suits your needs, and add style to your everyday yoga session.

Some of the features that our mats provide are:

Comfort: Yoga Mat is designed for support, comfort, and cushion. These mats are extremely lightweight (900 g), and also thin enough to stow away when not in use.

Texture: The premium material used, gives a superior feel and finish to the mat and keeps away any intrusive smell/odour, making it ideal for all the hygiene freaks!

Durability: PVC, a plastic material, is used in the mats. PVC is durable in nature, and grips the floor relatively well, making sure the map does not skid mid-session!

Stickiness: Good stickiness of a yoga mat prevents both you and the mat from sliding while in practice. It gives you stability and helps in balancing well.

So you what are you waiting for? Make good health a habit with yoga mats and accessories available online at Decathlon!

Yoga Accessories:

Don’t miss your Yoga sessions because you’re on a vacation or a business trip. Carry your Yoga accessories wherever you go. At Decathlon, we design a range of accessories like Yoga mat bags, covers, straps, and towels.

Yoga mat bag: We design bags so you can always have your yoga mat with you, no matter how big it is.

Take your yoga studio anywhere whether by metro or bike with the wide adjustable carry strap!

Yoga mat cover: Yoga mat cover comes with a  nylon cover that can protect mats that are up to 8 mm thick.

Store your yoga mats at the studio or at your home and protect it from dust so it is easily usable for your next session. 

Yoga Towel: It is important to take care of your hygiene while you’re exercising. This is why we design non-slippery yoga towels that provide grip and absorbs perspiration when things get sweaty. 

Yoga knee and wrist pads: We design yoga knee and wrist pads for support and to provide comfort for sensitive knees and wrists when practising yoga. Say good-bye to pain while practising high pressure poses with our pads.

We also have Weighing scale/Weighing machine - to measure your body weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass & body water.


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