Men's Jackets


Men’s Jackets 

Delve into a sea of options for men’s jackets. Whether you want a jacket for your fitness routine or for your hikes and treks, we have got you covered. At Decathlon, we have jackets for all kinds of physical activities. Say hello to winter with stylish men winter jackets. Discover a wide range of options online or at your nearest store!

Men’s Mountain/Hiking Jacket: Are you planning to trek in the mountains? If yes, you’ll need a jacket to fight the harsh weather conditions in the mountains. We have designed a lightweight and compressible puffer down jacket providing protection from extreme cold during expeditions. It comes with cuts at the armhole to provide you freedom of movement. Our jackets can protect you up to -29°C. It comes with a stuff bag. 

Men’s Fitness Jacket: We designed a fitness jacket that will complete your fitness outfit. It is perfect before, during, and after your workout sessions. This jacket is lightweight and offers you moisture management and stretchability. Now have a comfortable workout session with Decathlon’s Fitness jacket.

Men’s Snow Hiking Jacket: We designed this jacket for winter hikes in very cold and snowy weather. It can protect you from temperatures up to -10°C. This jacket is ideal for hiking in the snow as it comes with high coverage lined with a hood, warm pockets with a large padded flap behind the zip to gain an extra 3°C. It is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry even if it’s raining. 

Men’s Raincoat: We love rain as much as you do! This is why we designed this jacket for your short walks in the plain, forest or on the coast to provide extra protection in rainy weather.

This men's hiking jacket is fitted at the waist and looks very stylish. Take this jacket wherever you go as it is lightweight, compact and breathable and can be stored in its pocket!

Men’s Trekking 3-in-1 Jacket: You can’t predict the weather conditions while you’re travelling. It could be sunny one minute and start raining the next minute. This is why we designed a 3-in-1 jacket that saves you from the headache of carrying multiple jackets. Buy a single modular jacket to replace 3 products and adapt to every situation. This technical jacket offers warmth, abrasion resistance, and a large discreet travel pocket with compartments to secure your belongings. It comes with removable layers, so you can remove it when it becomes sunny outside. It is also waterproof.

Now head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy the best jacket for men online!

Decathlon Mens Jackets are more Durable & Affordable.

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Best Selling Mens Jackets

Mens Jacket Price


Men's Quick Dry Fitness Tracksuit Jacket - Black

Rs. 799


Men's Smart-Fit Rapid Dry Fitness Tracksuit Jacket - Burgundy

Rs. 999


Men's Zip-up Hooded Jacket 900 - Dark Grey

Rs. 1,299


Men's Downhill Ski Jacket 100 - Black

Rs. 1,499


Men's Ultra-light With Hoodie Fitness Tracksuit Jacket - Black

Rs. 1,699


Men’s Pullover Nh500 (Hybrid) - Black

Rs. 2,999


Men's 3-in-1 Jacket Travel 100 - Red

Rs. 3,499


Men's 3-in-1 Jacket Travel 500 - Blue

Rs. 5,999


Men's Arctic Trekking Parka 100 - Black

Rs. 12,999


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