Men's Basketball Clothing

Men’s Basketball Clothing

Playing basketball is a great way to get some exercise and without a doubt, it is a fun game. But it is important to wear the right clothes that fit snugly enough so that they don’t slip off and at the same time make sure the clothes are not too tight, otherwise, it will restrict your movement. This is why, at Decathlon, we provide a range of clothing for men, women, and kids that provide a free range of motion to give you an edge in the game.

Men’s Basketball Jerseys

For you to be on the top of your game, we design men’s basketball jerseys that are very lightweight and soft for playing basketball. It quickly wicks away perspiration, thanks to its breathable material and helps to keep dry as you train. In addition to the light, quick-drying fabric, few of our t-shirts also feature sleeves to keep your muscles at the right temperature!

Men’s Basketball shorts:

With the amount of sweat that you will be shedding at the court, you will definitely want to go with a good pair of shorts. This is why we, at Decathlon, design basketball shorts to wear during warm-ups and training that are lightweight and breathable, it will keep you dry as you play. The garment's design allows you to move about freely.

Men’s Basketball Underwear and Protection:

If you don’t pay attention to your safety while playing any sport, it might lead to injuries that will slow you down. This is why we design products that provide you with full protection and lets you play without any worry. 

  • Leggings:  Leggings provide you breathable base layer to stay dry during training or matches. These 3/4 basketball tights will keep you warm and wick away perspiration. 

  • Knee Sleeve: Don't let knocks and falls slow you down on the day of your match. This knee sleeve will protect you during falls or contact. This knee sleeve also provides comfortable compression for a feeling of support. The breathable fabric will keep you dry.

Sleeveless base layer: This sleeveless T-shirt will help keep you at the right temperature. Perspiration is wicked away. The fabric does not retain moisture and dries quickly. Cut reduces chafing linked to friction.


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