Waterproof shoes

Waterproof shoes are a versatile piece of accessory one can get their hands on. When you’re heading out for a trek or a hike or even for regular use during the rainy season, waterproof shoes are a must-have accessory. You can easily make your regular shoes waterproof with the things you can find at home with ease. 

How to Waterproof your Footwear

Each Waterproofing technique is applied in a different way making our footwear resistant :

  • Spray - Some sprays are specially meant for leather, suede and synthetic materials. To apply this you need to hold the can about 6 inches away from the shoes and spray with a very thin and even coating. If required you can also spray a second coating of this paint

  • Wax - Wax coating best suits suede and leather shoes. Before applying the wax coating you need to slightly heat the wax with a hairdryer and apply it with a clean cloth. Removing all the excess wax will help to make the shoes shine. 

  • Cream - Cream can be very useful for leather boots. Apply this cream with a clean cloth or with the applicator which comes with the cream. Rub it well and evenly and reach places tough to apply the cream in with a clean piece of cloth.

After applying any of the above techniques you should not put the shoes under direct heat like sunlight or a hairdryer to dry it instead place them in an area with average temperature, low humidity and good ventilation.

Materials Used In Waterproof Footwear

  • For water-resistant shoes, you can look into waterproof synthetic leather which is a good option if you don’t want to spend extra money to make it waterproof and a plus point if you like the look of leather without paying necessary upkeep in maintaining it. This adds to the durability and a plausible leather-like appearance.

  • Gore-Tex is a material used for many outdoor gears. It is a very good material for lining shoes and making waterproof boots. It is very durable which is made up of synthetic fabric used to make waterproof shoes for men and waterproof shoes for women. Since it has a micro-porous structure which enables it to allow a good flow of air while blocking the circulation of water and wind and retaining warmth.

  • Rubber and/or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is often used to manufacture soles of shoes which can either be waterproof boots or waterproof trekking shoes. Rubber is a good material as it provides protection against water and is more flexible. It also provides resistance against chemical spills and provides good indoor grip on wet floors.

How to choose waterproof shoes 

  • Rain boots - Good for an individual travelling through wet/rainy areas often. The soles of these shoes are thick and grooved to provide extra grip to walk on slippery pavements.

  • Overshoes - These shoes are very useful in areas that have a lot of rainfall. These shoes are worn over your normal shoes to protect your shoes from rainwater. Just like any other rainproof shoe overshoes has soles fitted with extra grip to prevent sliding on a slippery surface.

  • Rain Sneakers - These shoes lie more on the fashionable side of waterproof walking shoes. The fashionable look of these sneakers is combined with the practical design of water-resistant shoes. Soles and tops of these rain sneakers are made up of water-resistant rubber which helps in walking through puddles and water areas which are shallow.

  • Duck boots - These are made in half normal and half rain boots style. It a perfect choice for mens waterproof boots.

The best shoes to prevent from getting drenched in water are decathlon waterproof shoes. Get yours now!


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