Forclaz is one of the leading brands for sportswear and sports equipment. We, at Forclaz, create Jackets, Backpacks, and Trekking clothes for mountain trekking. 

At Forclaz, we are inspired to develop the best product with the hope to make your trekking experience memorable and hassle-free. Your desires are an essential resource for us in order to perfect our products while you embark on such adventurous experiences in the mountains.

Product Listing:

Forclaz Trekking Backpacks: Get ready for the adventure 

We’ve observed that a lot of backpacking enthusiasts are unsure about how to properly adjust their packs during trekking. Our Trekking Backpacks are created in a way that particularly addresses this problem. Forclaz Trekking Backpack facilitates easier adjusting and allows for maximum comfort that lasts through your multi-day trek. 

We also provide Forclaz Rain Covers that helps you protect your backpack from the rain. Basically, nothing can stop the adventure when Forclaz is with you, not even bad weather!

Forclaz Trekking Jackets: Fight bad weather with us

In the mountains, the weather changes are rapid. So, it is important to keep yourself warm and dry. 

We, at Forclaz, understand the physical efforts that you go through while trekking.

That’s why we design waterproof and lightweight jackets that ensure you greater freedom of movement. Forclaz Trekking jackets are thin, warm, and eco-designed that provide protection from the rain and wind while also allowing proper ventilation.

Forclaz Trekking Clothes: Carry yourself in comfort 

Trekking is a delightful yet strenuous activity. Similarly, for trekkers just starting out in trekking, the array of clothing choices can be complex and bewildering.

This is why we are here to help you. Lose yourself into the wilderness of nature with Forclaz. We make comfortable trousers and rain poncho designed especially for trekking in cold or windy weather. They are water repellent, windproof, and easy to dry. It also provides freedom of movement and is durable. 

Why Forclaz?

We, at Forclaz, believe in our values: humility, commitment, vitality, and responsibility. And we try to reflect the same through our products that are ambitious as well as a source of pleasure and personal development.

We design and manufacture smart, playful and innovative products for everyone from beginners to all-out enthusiasts.

And we are obsessed about designing top quality products, at the best price affordable to all. 


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