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Cross-Training and Kettle Bells

Cross-training not only frees you from mundane exercise routines but also helps you wield your willpower and increase physical strength dramatically. Decathlon offers a wide variety of PVC dumbbells which can be ordered online. Domyos has come up with sturdy push-up bars, with soft hand grips and resistance tubes, which let you turn any room into your personal gym.

Questions Which Will Help You Choose

The type of workout one is interested in, should be figured out, before buying cross training and body building equipment. Are you in it for building muscles while you are stationary? Do you prefer to be out and about instead of staying in a closed room? Do you have any injuries to factor in? These are some of the questions that will help you decide.

A Wide Range to Choose From

Decathlon offers various Cross-training accessories and kettle bells, which can be ordered online.

Top Features

Kettlebell Weight: They come in various weight ranges- from 4 kgs to 16 kgs, for you to choose from.

Bell Material: Ideally, bells should be made of non-corrosive metals with a PVC coating.

Coating: A chip resistant coating should cover the contact area so that it doesn't irritate the hands. This coating should also not have any adverse reaction with the gym powder, and must enable an irritation free workout. Domyos has Polyvinyl chloride coating which can be washed by soap.

Handle: Handles and horns of the equipment should allow optimum bone stacking. Handles should also enable both single and two-hand use. Handle grip diameter should be ideal, to prevent untoward damage to your wrist and carpel bones.

Go ahead and get yourself some cross training equipment at Decathlon.

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