Cross Training Equipment

Cross-Training Equipment

The benefits of cross-training go beyond weight-loss. Cross-training is a functional workout which helps you perform daily activities easily without getting injured. For example, Deadlift will help you pick up any weight from the ground safely. To make the most of your workout, invest in cross-training equipment that complements your exercise needs and takes you closer to your fitness goals. 

Discover our range of Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Pull up Bars and other types of equipment without stepping out of home!

Decathlon has the equipment that suits all your cross-training requirements

Cross Training Dumbbells:

Dumbbells are inexpensive, versatile, and easy-to-use weights that let you create a variety of workouts to stay fit. Depending on the weight you use, the number of repetitions you do and the pace at which you workout, dumbbells can help you improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, build muscle or increase muscular endurance for sports.

We design versatile dumbbells for weight training movements and functional exercises. Its hexagonal shape offers better stability. It comes with a durable rubber to protect the floor from impacts and knurled handle provides a good grip.

Cross Training Kettlebell

Monotonous exercise routines may not be that challenging. Training with kettlebells is an amazing alternative for improving your strength. Some benefits of kettlebell training include Conditioning, targeting core and hips, improves grip strength and flexibility.

We design kettlebells that come with different weights specifically for cross-training. It comes with an ultra-durable rubber base that protects floors against knocks. The wide and practical handle provides a good grip even when you’re sweaty.

Cross Training Weighted Bag:

Sand Bags or Weighted Bags are all about functional training. It is your perfect companion to build strength and power. Military personnel, martial artist and strongmen are known to be training with sandbag for a long time.

Most common benefits of Sandbags are:

  • Train anywhere that is convenient
  • Several compound workouts
  • Top functional training equipment
  • Builds stability and strength

Boost your explosive strength with our weighted bag! You can do multiple exercises to strengthen your entire body and improve your cardiovascular capacities. Our Weighted Bag comes with five handles for excellent grip and durability.

Cross Training Pull Up Bars:

The pull-up bar is one of the most adaptable and effective pieces of home equipment. The bodyweight exercises performed with pull up bars range from pull-ups to leg raises, working on all major muscles like the lats, shoulders, back, core, etc. The fact that you are hanging freely means every move engages with your core in order to provide stability. 

We design pull up bars for the most hardworking sports users. It attaches to the wall and allows you to complete pull-ups using different grips. You can vary the distance and position of your hands for overhand or underhand pull-ups with a wide, narrow, or hammer grip. For maximum stability, anchor the product to a load-bearing wall.


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