Basketball Backboard, Hoop and Accessories

Basketball Backboard, Hoop, and Accessories

The basketball game is incomplete without its accessories, basketball board, and a hoop. We design durable products so you can enjoy your game and play non-stop!

Basketball Hoops:

We designed this wall-mounted basketball basket suitable for both adults and kids. This basketball basket set includes the backboard, rim, and net. It is compatible with the 500 mural attachment (8496982) and has three playing heights. It is made of 32 mm HD polyethylene backboard for excellent rebound.

Kids Basketball Backboards:

We know how much your kids enjoy playing basketball outdoors. This is why we design basketball backboards specially for kids. This hoop is lightweight and transportable. Whether you are going for a picnic, or just taking your kid to a nearby park,  carry this hoop wherever you go. It is lightweight, transportable, and adjustable.

Standing Basketball Backboards:

Don’t worry if you can’t go to the basketball court every time you want to play because we have backed you up with Standing Basketball backboards. It is suitable for both kids and adults playing basketball outdoors.

It comes with tool-free adjustment and can be adjusted to 5 heights ranging from 2.20m, all the way to the official height of  3.05m and can easily be moved, thanks to wheels. The backboard is easy to assemble and provides excellent stability, thanks to the 46-litre weighted base (water or sand).

Backboards/Hoops Accessories

Basketball net is suitable for adults and children playing basketball outdoors. Compatible with all basketball hoops.

This basketball net is resistant to bad weather, wear and tear. Compatible with all hoops. Portable or wall-mounted basketball hoops and backboards.

The Tarmak R900 basketball rim with regulation diameter designed for outdoor basketball baskets.

Steel hoop with springs for dunking into basketball baskets. Compatible with the B700 & B900 basketball baskets.



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