Table Tennis Rackets

For playing table tennis, it is very important to have a good table tennis racket or you might lose the match even if you are good at your game. So, the question now is, how to choose a good table tennis racket? 

Choosing a good Table tennis bat is not that difficult, just keep a few things in mind and you are good to go.

  1. Do you need a Table tennis bat for your outdoor play? Or for your indoor play?

    In order to play outdoor, you need a durable bat that is resistant to impact and outside weather conditions. Make sure it also provides you with good control.

  2. What is your playing level?

    The tt bats are ranked from 2 to 6 stars, the more the number, the more the paddle will allow you to apply spin and play the ball with speed. So if you need a tt bat for playing in a competition, choose the bat with 6 ratings.

  3. What is the intensity of your practice?

    If you practice intensively, buy a racket that provides you with good speed,  spin, and control. If you play regularly, choose a racket that has the ability to apply spin and control. If you play occasionally, consider control as a key aspect.

Some of the key features of our rackets are:

Directional control: With our rackets, you will get good control over the ball, thanks to its elastic rubber.

Spin: The thickness of the rubber of our bats lets you apply the spin properly.

Speed: Make your first hits at speed thanks to the medium hardness of the bat.

At Decathlon, we have a wide range of tt bats for beginners to advanced level players. Explore table tennis rackets online today.

Decathlon Table Tennis Bats/Rackets are more Affordable & Durable.

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Best Selling Table Tennis Rackets

Table Tennis Racket Price


Fr 100 / Ppr 100 Table Tennis Bat

Rs. 149


Ppr 130 / Fr 130 Indoor Free Table Tennis Bat

Rs. 249


Ttr 100 3* All-round School Table Tennis Bat

Rs. 599


Set Of 2 Table Tennis Bats And 3 Ttr500 3*X2 & 3 Lh Balls

Rs. 899


Ttr 500 5* Allround Club Table Tennis Bat

Rs. 1,499


Ttr 530 5* Spin Club Table Tennis Bat

Rs. 1,999


Ttr 560 5* Speed Club Table Tennis Bat

Rs. 2,499


Ttr 930 All 6* Club Table Tennis Bat

Rs. 2,999


Ttr 990 Off+ 6* Club Table Tennis Bat

Rs. 3,499


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